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To those who believe in equal rights for ALL, Prop8 = PropHate. If you have any doubts that this is solely about discrimination, then try replacing "gay marriage" with "inter-racial marriage" and "gay" with "black".

Help us protect our families, defend our rights, and defeat the hate amendment.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Argument 3: Prop8 will prevent my children from being "indoctrinated"

This is one of the most ridiculous lies going. Prop8 says nothing one way or the other about teaching in schools. Even the State Superintendant of Schools says so. The fact is, parents have a right to take their kids away from courses and classes of which they do not approve. In a pluralistic society, people of all views have a right to co-exist.

The basis for this argument is anger that gays are "out" at all. The idea is that if gay marriage is legal, then those opposed have less power to discriminate , and that offends them. The fact is that gay families are already present and your children can't be shielded from our presence. Maybe your child sits next to a classmate with two dads. Maybe your teen has a friend who is coming out. This amendment makes NO DIFFERENCE to those facts of life.

Now, some people fear that since schools can't teach that homosexuality is WRONG, their children are threatened. Well, values have always come from home, regardless of what's taught in school. For example, the Catholics don't approve of divorce or contraception, even though secular society allows them. Their church continues to teach these things and their followers practice them. Hmmm, why aren't we seeing an amendment outlawing divorce or the pill?

Bigotry of all sorts remains alive and well without being taught in school. Do you find that offensive? Because it suggests that you might be a bigot? I find it offensive that you think you have the right to vote on my marriage.

i especially find it digusting that the pro-8 forces take an example of the system working well (a field trip of kids to their teacher's wedding, where several kids opt out) and twist it to use it in their hateful propaganda.

It is not discrimination against YOU to prevent you from discriminating against ME.

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