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Friday, October 24, 2008

Argument 6: Gay marriage threatens children

Exactly, how can the loving, faithful, committed monogamous marriage of two gay folks threaten children?

If your child is straight, then the more examples he has of adults living in faithful marriage, the better. If your child is gay, isn't it better he has the example and expectation of faithful marriage just like his straight siblings? One thing for sure, your child isn't going to "turn gay" just because there is a gay couple down the street.

And could you please remember that WE have children TOO? by preventing our marriages, you endanger our children's wellbeing and threaten their security.

I also don't understand the "family values" that lets the Yes-on-8 campaign use pictures of other people's children--children who are, with the permission of their parents, attending a gay wedding--and use this in their attack ads. No wonder the parents are so upset. (Of course the kids whose parents didn't want them to go weren't actually there, proving that the system works.)

From the LA Times:
...a fourth of California's gay couples [have chhildren], according to census data.... For children, no other arrangement matches the security and stability afforded by married parents, because no other arrangement confers comparable status and social support. If they could cast ballots, how many of the more than 50,000 children being raised in California's same-sex households would vote to deprive themselves of married parents?

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